Get Moving and Motivated

Summer is the perfect time for getting outside, this is when I choose to get moving the most. I love to do things by testing my workout boundaries. What I love most about fitness and working out in general is there aren’t any limits to some extent of what you can do to make your body work.

At 28, I love combining fun workouts with new experiences such as wilderness survival treks and pool aerobics. What you are doing now doesn’t mean you can’t try something new, being open minded can reap some very satisfying benefits.

Having a “why not” attitude could actually boost your confidence, make you more courageous and keep you from getting bored. Learning new things stimulates your brain and challenges it to create new pathways. At least, this has worked for me. I love working out because it keeps me in shape, releases my stress, improves my mood and makes me feel accomplished. It has taught me the need to set goals in order to see results.

A few of my favorite workout out tools and references include: Jamie Eason, The Female Training Bible which is an online article that teaches women how to use weights correctly without getting bulky. The Nike Training Club mobile app gives you a personal training plan and motivates you to train like an athlete and it costs nothing! I love waking up in the morning to go for a quick 30 minute run or walk and the Nike+ Running app helps you track your distance, pace, time,and calories.

When I’m not using these apps, I enjoy hiking, playing sports and taking pilates, and yoga classes. I even used to take martial arts classes to the point that I received my 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. All of these activities are very different from one another but I feel as though as long as I change it up I won’t ever quit.

Sweat is sexy. Embrace it. Try something new! Find a workout friend or ask someone on a hiking date. Whatever you do, move, get creative, motive yourself or someone else, and start now.


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