Why must we focus in order to be successful? Why do I feel like I’m still not completely successful? I have lived and traveled. I have experienced and loved. I have landed dream jobs. Why do I want more??? Why do I put so much pressure on myself? Why do I have such high standards?

I have been very confused lately about not just how to focus but when to focus. Is it early in the morning, when I could be sleeping in before my daily 9am grind or is it late at night after I get off work? I have so many idea’s. Hell, I have websites that I created with those idea’s. Three websites to name including this one (well this one is more like a personal journal). Everything is glittery until people tell me what I should focus on. Just when I get excited about starting something is when someone tells me I should focus on the other idea. I keep going round in round in round in circles. I am not sure when to stop or how. I wish there was someone who could pick my brain a part and maybe kick my ass. I want someone to point their finger at me and say, “this is what you are supposed to do, now do it!” Instead, I am stuck here trying to figure out what my passion is. I cry from the inside because I have a burning flame of something that hasn’t been accomplished yet. I don’t know what it is but it is inside of me.

I have been reading a lot more lately so I decided I would take some advice and wake up early to workout. I even bought a calendar to help me cross off the dates (Paige Hathaway calendar:). I have also decided to throw a coffee mastermind group in August for entrepreneurial women called the Coffee Collective by Camille Events LLC (that was a brave step and another story to tell some other time).

This morning as I was walking past my dental office I noticed a school. It was for realtors. When I was 17, I wrote in my dream book aka bucket list that I wanted to get my real estate license. I’m a bit afraid now that I won’t use it but then again, I wonder who I would meet in the classes and where the new knowledge might take me (even if I decide not to use it). That is how my brain works. I think of everything I do as a opportunity to meet people that are meant to be in life; it helps bring me closer to the path that I am supposed to be on.

Today after I finished emailing people from all these networking events I have been attending I decided to listen to this podcast called Success Habits. Here is the link:  I’m 28 minutes in and already got distracted. I promise I will listen to the last 12 minutes. I will:)

I also read an article to help me find focus check it out here:

Since it suggests getting it all out on paper, here is the list of all my projects and things I am interested in and/or working on:

  1. Business Development for
  2. More Networking
  3. My Retail Store-
  4. Event Planning –
  5. My App idea – Pokitboss
  6. Golfing
  7. Toastmasters and having the chance to give a talk or speech.
  8. Fitness and maybe a fitness competition
  9. My youtube channel:
  10. Becoming more spiritual

Okay, so now that I have those out there.. eek I guess what I need to do is divide my life into buckets. Stay tuned for my next post. I have to finish listening to the Successful habits podcast (like I promised to do above). If you are having trouble focusing, please share in the comments. If you have suggestions or connections, let me know. I am always up for discussing ways to help me and others gain clarity.

Thanks for reading. This is more so for me to get my thoughts and feelings out.


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 6.41.01 PM



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